While you may discover solo travel by chance — because you don’t have anyone to travel with when you have the time and the money to go — you will likely do so again by choice. After all, solo travel is all about you.

There are practical perks to solo travel.

  • You do what you want, when you want. Traveling single, you’re on your own schedule.
  • You’re free to meet locals and other travelers — and, because you’re alone, it happens often and easily.
  • You’re able to focus on the destination and all it offers without distractions.
  • You enjoy periods of quiet for reading, art, reflection… you have as much downtime as you want.
  • You follow your own interests, be they bungee jumping or combing archives.
  • You receive special treatment as locals often go out of their way to enhance your solo travel experience.

Okay, maybe some of the above can apply to those traveling with a companion as well, but when you travel solo they definitely apply. On a practical level, solo travel frees you to travel your way.

We have the resources to help you plan your solo trip!

But where do you start? Solo Traveler is a massive resource of destination information, how-to tips, money advice and safety suggestions. We’ve helped over 4 million travelers get on their way. To help you navigate the site here’s a guide to our most popular resources, tips, and sections below. Want to enter the discussion on Solo Traveler?

Traveling Alone Based on Your Budget

  • Travel on a Tight Budget: Easy as ABC This is a very basic post that doesn’t go into the details about budgeting but does help you find low-cost destinations.
  • Best Budget Destinations: the 2018 Shortlist I’ve scoured the lists of budget destinations recommended by other sites and come up with a shortlist of my top budget destinations for 2018.
  • No Money to Travel? Here’s What You Do The desire is great but you have no money to travel. What to Do? Here’s how to think it through and links to 16 posts for greater detail.
  • When Travel Is the Goal, Not Destination I never met a destination I didn’t like. Here’s how to think about travel when you don’t have a lot to spend on it.

Traveling Single Based on Your Interests

  • Best Food Destinations A new year, a new list of must-visit destinations! Here I offer my picks for best food destinations: two I can vouch for, two I’m dying to try.
  • Safe and Easy Hiking Destinations  Here are nine safe and easy hiking destinations that I’ve enjoyed. They are all relatively easy hikes and I describe what’s special about each briefly.
  • Travel to Learn: There are Thousands of Opportunities Are you a curious person? Do you love the learning side of travel? Then have a read on what, where, how, and who travels to learn.
  • Best Solo Road Trips Looking for breathing space? A bit of freedom? A car and an open road will deliver. Here are the best solo road trips.
  • Solo Travel for Boomers: Why, Where & a Few Tips  Solo is a great ways for boomers to go. A myriad of new experiences await. Here’s why, where and how.
  • Unique Travel: Discover the World Through Its Gardens For those who love gardening or simply the beauty of gardens, garden tours offer travel to engage all the senses while revealing history and culture.

Solo Travel Destinations to Meet Your Interests

  • Top 10 Destinations for First Time Solo Travelers Five destinations in North America. Five destinations in other parts of the world. All of them great for first timers.
  • Planning Travel That’s Good for the Soul What is it that makes travel that’s Good for the Soul? I found it in Kauai. Here I try to break it down so that I can find it other places.
  • Traveling Alone in Uncertain Times On occasion I hear from people who are fearful of travel. Here’s why it’s important to continue and safety tips to quell your travel concerns.
  • 35 Solo Destinations for Christmas and New Years Alone for the holidays? Our readers and other sources recommend 35 destinations for Christmas and New Years.
  • Top 10 Destinations for Summer Whether you’re planning a summer weekend getaway or a multi-week trip, here are my best destinations for summer.

And of course, don’t forget The Destinations Category on this site. This is where you’ll find posts on over 100 countries. Most have been written by readers. And use our Trip Planning Resources page too.

Traveling Alone Safely

  • Safety: 50 Tips (Revised and Updated) Traveling solo? Safety is all your responsibility. Here are 50 tips to help you feel and be safe on the road.
  • Keep Life at Home Safe While You Travel Here are tips to protect your home, your credit rating, the validity of your house insurance and your bank account from unnecessary expenses as you travel.
  • Finding the Logic of a Location Understanding the logic of how a destination works helps with solo travel safety. Here are tips on finding the logic to stay safe.
  • Safety: 10 ways to blend in when you can’t. My white curly hair stands out in a crowd – especially traveling places like South America or the Middle East. Here’s how to blend in when you really can’t
  • Safety: 20 Common Sense Tips Common sense in one country is not necessarily common in another. Travelers must have travel common sense. Here are 20 tips to help you get yours.
  • My Kind of Strangers Sometimes the things you learn as a child stay with you your entire life. This was the case with me. This safety tip informs much of the safety information I offer on this site.
  • Travel Sickness: how to prevent 5 travel-related health problems Preventing travel sickness – malaria, poison ivy, diarrhea, lime disease, altitude sickness – is really important for solo travelers. Here’s how.
  • Going Alone? Travel Insurance is a Must You don’t appreciate it until you really need it. Travel insurance is a travel necessity… should things go wrong.
  • Safety: safe answers to common questions. My new friends smiled when they realized my clever answer that told them nothing yet satisfied their curiosity. Answering questions safely is an important skill when one travels alone. Here are 5 polite and sufficiently vague answers to common questions that will keep you safe as you travel solo.
  • Safety: 10 ways to look confident. This post was inspired by a comment made by a reader: “safety is an inside job” she said. Yes, confidence is a traveler’s armor. But, what if… Here’s how to appear confident even when you’re not.

Tons of Solo Travel Tips

  • Travel Alone and Love it: 50 tips (Revised and Updated) You could fill a book with such advice. In fact I have written that book. But here, free, are some of my top tips.
  • You Don’t Have to Eat Alone You don’t have to eat alone when you travel solo. Dinner can be a social and fun. Here are five ways to meet and dine with others.
  • Our Best Advice: Top Tips from Janice & Tracey Janice and Tracey travel very differently. Here, we offer our best advice from our different perspectives.
  • 10 Things I Love to Do When Traveling From safety to getting the most out of your trip, here are my top ten things to do when you travel solo.
  • How to Go Without Being Lonely: 10 tips & 5 posts After safety, the number one concern of solo travelers is feeling lonely. I’ve addressed this issue in many ways. This post pulls all those ways together in one place. Please share this resource with friends so that everyone can enjoy traveling alone.
  • Get the Single Supplement Waived: Good News! Single supplement waived – that’s what we’re looking for. After all, who wants to pay for someone else when you’re traveling alone.
  • Solo Travel Accommodation – Reader Recommendations Where to stay is one of the biggest decisions a traveler has to make. This guide is full of suggestions by Tracey, Janice and readers.
  • Bare Minimum Packing One of the most popular posts on the site. Packing lists are the key to packing light. Most people have trouble with this but, in my opinion, it’s an important skill. Here’s how to do it.
  • Planning and Packing Tips for Checked Baggage Checked baggage is a completely different game than carry-on – and it’s about more than weight restriction. Here are tips for to avoid checked bag problems.

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